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About Soda Blasting

Sodablasting Process

Sodablasting is the process of propelling Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) with compressed air through a blast hose and out a blast nozzle. The unique properties of sodium bicarbonate allow it to remove paint, grease, mold, oil, soot, and other contaminants without damaging glass, chrome, and even thin sheet metal. It is also possible to sodablast other softer substrates such as fiberglass, wood, plastics, carbon fiber, aggregate just to name a few. There are no other blast medias that have these same characteristics. Sodium Bicarbonate is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as an A1 Cleaner, so a non-contaminated blast pot can blast food processing and food preparation equipment. One can maintain a pristine Sodablaster by never putting anything else but pure Sodium Bicarbonate in the blaster.

Rosenstiel's Soda Blasting

We provide mobile SodaBlasting to the Gulf Coast of Florida using environmentally safe food grade sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda. If it is not possible to blast on your site, a Pensacola FL location is available.


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